Backpack Billboards

About Backpack Billboards

Backpack Billboards are the new and exciting way to promote your brand or business. This unique way of advertising takes your message to the streets in a professional engaging way.
Take your next out of home advertising campaign to the next level by adding Backpack Billboards to your marketing plan. Simply add your media and promote your brand day or night with the Walking Billboard, back-lit LED lighting system, or our scrolling or video display.

About Our Backpack Billboards

Backpack Billboards

Take Your Advertising To The Next Level

Human Billboards are backpack billboards which are built using an aluminum frame, keeping it lightweight. They feature on-board batteries which power the LED lights for up to eight hours depending on which model you opt for.
The interior LED lights shine through the media which is printed on back-lit film providing the lighted effect.
Rechargeable on-board batteries provide the power for the LED lights. To charge simply plug the adapter into your wall outlet and connect to the billboards input. Our Human Billboard looks great day or night.
The media posters can be produced by your local printer and be changed easily by simply opening the snap frame and placing the media on the inner glass.
Our video display allows for your video to play on a loop with sound while combining a static LED backlit display for the poster media. Great for night time advertising.
Backpack Billboards

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