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Our Quick Start Guide

Setting up your Backpack Billboard is simple and easy. It takes just a few minutes once you have unpacked the unit. Please note that for safety reasons the battery is disconnected during shipping. The Walking Billboard will arrive in a strong box with an inner styrofoam case so you can rest assured that the unit will arrive undamaged.
We highly recommend that you watch the assembly video below so that you are familiar with the process of unpacking and setting up your Backpack Billboard.

Quick Start Guide

Unpacking and assembly of your Backpack Billboard

Now that you have received your Backpack Billboard its time to unpack and assemble. In this guide, we will guide you through the steps from start to finish. The process is extremely simple and just takes less than 10 minutes. We highly recommend that you watch the video first.

What To Expect

Your Backpack Billboard should arrive in a carton with an inner protective styrofoam case which can be reused to store your Backpack Billboard when not in use.
Each unit will come with everything needed to get started with the exception of the advertising media.
The standard and scrolling display will come with a free carrycase, charger, harness and a stand. The video billboard does not come with a carrycase, however the charger, harness and stand will be included. Please note that for safety during shipping the batteries are disconnected.
The video will show a remote for the scrolling display, however since the making of this video, they are now programed using our Android App via the Bluetooth feature.

Watch The Assembly Video

Setting up your Backpack Billboard is quick and easy.
Backpack Billboards

Download The PDF Version Of The Setup Guide

You can download the PDF version of the setup guide by using the link below.

Once your Backpack Billboard is assembled it is a good idea to charge the battery prior to the first use. Please note do not leave the Billboard unattended while charging and only use the charger provided as it is the correct voltage. Overcharging may cause damage to the batteries. it is recommended to disconnect the battery when storing for a long period of time. We hope that the assembly instructions helped you get started and we wish you many successful marketing campaigns in the future.

Unpacking and assembly of your Backpack Billboard

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