Walking Backpack Human Billboards
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Backpack Billboard Pricing

human billboards

Special Pricing for a Limited Time Only

Our three units boast the latest features and technologies, yet are very competitively priced.

Standard Unit


  • Standard Unit
  • Runs For Up To 8 Hrs
  • 6 Month Limited Warranty

Scrolling Display


  • Scrolling LED Display
  • Programmable Message
  • 6 Month Limited Warranty

Video Display


  • Video LCD Display
  • Plug And Play
  • 6 Month Limited Warranty

Walking Billboard Back Lit Display – Type A

Our standard unit includes everything excluding the art work to get you started. Unit will operate for up to 8 hours on a single charge. Charger, stand and carry case are included at no additional charge.

Walking Billboard With Programmable LED Display – Type B

This unit has all the same features as Type A, but with the additional programmable LED scrolling text display. You can program your own message also the way it displays. Message can flash, move left to right, up and down. All set from your computer. We provide a detailed manual and also a video on how to program the unit.

Walking Billboard with Video Display – Type C

This is our deluxe unit. A combination of Video Display on the top portion and backlit film poster on the bottom. Simply plug in your USB containing the Mp4 video.

We also offer  Bulk Pricing. Please contact us for details.